As you step into the foyer, your attention is immediately drawn to a nearly three-meter-tall giraffe lamp. Its unique design sparks curiosity.
meter-tall giraffe lamp
The designer aimed to create a personal sanctuary for the homeowner, a space for relaxation and comfort. A soft black petal sofa serves as a remedy for a weary life. Here, you can rest and recharge, ready to face life with renewed enthusiasm.
Large, clear floor-to-ceiling windows serve as entrances for sunlight and fresh air.
black sofa

coffee table

black fabric sofa
petal sofa
Situated between the living room and dining room, the large black rock slab dining table is perfect for parties and social gatherings. Here, you can chat and laugh with a few friends.
large black rock slab dining table
 black rock slab dining table
The dining room features black and white as the primary color scheme, a choice known for its high versatility.
White Marble Dining Table
Under the warm lighting, family members gather around the white marble dining table, sharing steaming homemade dishes. This is the essence of life's beauty.
 Marble Dining Table
The white marble dining table, with its smooth surface and natural textures, adds an air of elegance and style to the space. This table is not only visually appealing but also highly practical. The marble material is heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean, maintaining its new look for a long time.
White Dining Table
The design of the white marble dining table pays attention to detail, with rounded corners and edges that are both safe and aesthetically pleasing.
 Dining Table
Whether it's a family dinner or a romantic breakfast for two, the white marble dining table provides a comfortable and stylish dining environment. Morning sunlight glinting off the marble surface adds a poetic touch to every meal.
The floor-to-ceiling windows not only introduce ample natural light but also offer a stunning view for the dining room. Sitting by the white marble dining table, you can enjoy the morning light at breakfast or the sunset at dinner, creating a wonderful experience.
master bedroom
Entering the master bedroom, the designer continues the black and white theme to maintain overall consistency. The background wall, with its irregularly stitched lines, perfectly blends form and material.
master bed
In the walk-in closet, the arched ceiling, tall glass doors, exquisite island, and well-designed lighting system perfectly combine functionality and aesthetics.
In the secondary bedroom, a soft bed paired with black and white decor creates a warm and serene atmosphere. Light streaming through the floor-to-ceiling windows falls on various materials, enhancing the sense of softness and comfort.
secondary bedroom
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