The inherent luxury and elegance in space are vividly perceived, integrated with classic elements and warm color tones, creating a high-quality residence filled with romantic and urban atmosphere.

The large and open living room area integrates with the dining room, creating a spacious layout with excellent natural lighting from both the north and south directions. The space features a streamlined and coordinated design, with a flowing use of materials to create a sense of order. The predominant color scheme is composed of deep earthy tones, with the main wall adorned with a full artistic marble installation. The design incorporates curved surfaces and carefully selected materials, such as leather, to showcase a perfect blend of collision and fusion. The overall style is characterized by a horizontal and expansive aesthetic, which harmonizes and delineates the entire space.

According to the exclusive custom materials for spatial coordination, the inheritance and refinement of different horse elements are elaborately carved in the details. The selection of patterns, furniture, and decorations is based on luxurious inspiration to create spaces of different qualities.


February 15, 2024 — Ma xing