Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar
Illuminate the beauty of life in the details, also indicating the extension and imagination of space.
The rising and sinking of the indoor floor enrich the charm of the space in a staggered manner. In the clear light, each step is like a pulsating note. The transparent glass handrail injects dynamic light and shadow into this design, adding a dreamy atmosphere.



Study Room
With thick stone edges and elegant wood, the essence of dwelling naturally gravitates towards the rustic elegance, returning to the pure and true in simplicity.
The restrained yet powerful use of elements maintains the harmony and unity of the space, creating a sense of tranquility that naturally immerses people. Time seems to slow down here, allowing one to savor the precious moments of quiet contemplation and meditation.

water bar

luxury livingroom


fabric sofa


coffee table

Living Room
The perfect blend of lighting, functionality, and aesthetics, where material selection and use break visual boundaries, expanding the visual volume. The unique wild characteristics subtly attract people's attention without leaving a trace. Every ingenious detail injects pure emotions, and a distinct sense of warmth flows between the spaces.




Dining Room
The dining and kitchen space maintains a warm and harmonious atmosphere, combining stone and original wood to add a simple and relaxed texture to the space. While ensuring the lighting function of the main dining area, the interplay of light and shadow does not disrupt the beauty of the space's ambiance. Clear and clean lines add a touch of softness.


second bedroom

children room

Second Floor Suite
Appearing simplistic, yet ingeniously crafted, it injects a sense of lightness and modernity into the entire design while maximizing space utilization as much as possible. Natural light filters into the room, enhancing the overall brightness and layering of the space. As night falls, the ritual of returning home slowly unfolds here.

master bedroom



Master Bedroom Suite
Within the minimalist space, the daily needs of the occupants serve as the premise and core of the design, reflecting their unique lifestyle from the spatial scenes. This allows every resident to fully enjoy the beauty of their surroundings.

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