In terms of color scheme, we've opted for a gentle, bright, and durable earthy palette, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere with a touch of luxury. Functionally, we've aimed to meet the needs of a family of six, while also providing plenty of flexible social spaces.



The foyer is one of the highlights of this project, where the designer has crafted a narrative of spatial dialogue around 'function and art.' The design of the entire foyer resembles frames from a movie, exuding artistic beauty and emotional resonance.


The foyer boasts a soaring fan-shaped arc design, integrated storage cabinets, and a harmonious blend of natural textures. With subtle greenery and lighting, stepping into the foyer reveals the homeowner's refined taste. As you navigate through, you can feel the fusion of culture and art.


quite livingroom

fabric sofa

coffee table

The balcony, an extension of the living room, serves both as storage and a green landscape feature. The gentle breeze through sheer curtains brings sunlight indoors, infusing the space with a poetic ambiance.

living space


Even amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, we have countless ideas about 'home.' The living room features versatile furniture, allowing homeowners to easily adapt to different lifestyle scenarios.



bar stool

Breaking away from traditional housing concepts, we thoroughly consider the diverse needs of homeowners in their daily lives. In the kitchen and dining area, we design functionality and circulation paths around the scenarios of 'past, present, and future.' Space isn't static; it's fluid.

Acrylic stool

acrylic bar stool

The built-in double archway design utilizes spatial interplay and staggered views to divide the dining area from the western kitchen, combining an open and interactive atmosphere with contemporary aesthetics. Separate yet connected, undefined boundaries leave space for imagination and extension, allowing emotions to flow freely within.




desk and chair

In this ever-changing world, living spaces are no longer just simple dwellings but stages reflecting people's personalities and lifestyles. Looking at the present, design isn't about freely drifting with the times but about sincerity and authenticity. By returning to the essence of design, life can reclaim its true essence.


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April 03, 2024 — Z Z