"I often think, in the vast world,
Everyone should have their own little world."

Gathering the love and enlightenment for life in this room, it is a warm, comfortable, and relaxing space. Integrating one's preferences into the space, because this love often accompanies, brings happiness to oneself, and nourishes one's own spirit.

white sofa

living space



Space is like a vessel, through the eyes of the inhabitants, various postures of life emerge, colorful, varied in form, and unconstrained. It is the transformation of mood and the perception of life.



The Possibility of Life
What is a home like?
Home is simply the fusion of the inner world and spiritual life, a corner exclusively yours in the vast world, a quiet corner amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.




Be it in its natural state or in its lived-in state, it defines the starting point of your understanding of the universe, preserving the originality of spirit and memory.
What do we think of when we think of home? It varies from person to person. Only when we are immersed in it, calm and composed, do we truly comprehend its vastness.



Breaking free from spatial boundaries in everyday life, creating more possibilities for free and unrestrained behavior in living scenarios.

relax space

Louis emphasizes the design process, deconstructing space to "invisible" sections for different functions, using minimal materials to fill space, aiming to create a unique and pure tactile experience.

dining table

dining room


master bedroom

tea table

Creating the atmosphere of a space requires unparalleled attention to detail and patience. Using soft furnishings to advance the designer's imaginative vision, they infuse every detail of life with the notion of "the heart contains the universe, silent as the beginning".

tea room

Design Team | DXD FUTURE 

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