The esteemed gentlemen of the household hold a deep admiration for the artistry of Italian furniture. As such, they have adorned their abode with esteemed custom brands such as B-B ITALIA, GIORGETTI, BAXTER, and MINOTTI. The graceful contours and the versatile nature of these pieces seamlessly blend with the ambiance, effortlessly imbuing the essence of the sea into every nook and cranny of their home.

living space

coffee table

As an abode of leisure, the proprietors aspire to imbue the communal spaces with an enhanced capacity for social gatherings. A multifunctional multimedia smart screen will be seamlessly embedded within the walls, allowing for both control over the smart home system and the creation of an enlivening atmosphere during festivities.

Bar counter

The designer drew inspiration from ship masts and incorporated their lines into the bar counter. The straight and powerful metal complements the white marble pattern, creating an effect that is simple yet stunning. This subtle approach achieves a luxurious and refined atmosphere that is both sophisticated and pristine.

water bar

Immersed amidst the picturesque beauty of mountains and seas, the restaurant should adhere to the desires of its proprietor by combining both Eastern and Western culinary traditions, offering a gastronomic journey through the world's most exotic delicacies from land and sea.


dining room

dining space

kitchen utensils


The mistress is an avid reader and writer, and her study is her favorite private space. With a separate small living room and balcony, it provides both a secluded haven for personal contemplation and a socially open space for hosting friends for heartfelt conversations.desk

The GIORGETTI TENET desk is designed to reflect the owner's rational temperament by combining grey maple wood with leather. The refined lines of the desk exude a sense of elegance and pleasure, while also providing a superior tactile experience that lasts.


Maximize the perimeters of each door and window, unveiling a vast expanse for the occupants' panoramic view. In leisurely moments, cast your gaze outside the window, where azure ocean meets the sky, and behold the unhurried dance of white clouds. Embrace the boundless contentment brought forth by the gentle caress of the sea breeze.

Living room by the window


The bedroom is inspired by the spatial scenes from the movie "Lost in Space", with concise and sharp lines that fill the space with a sense of avant-garde future.


The bathtub is crafted by the esteemed Italian bathroom manufacturer, CALYX, renowned for its iconic soft-edged solid material. This unique material is capable of adapting to the contours of the body, ensuring both safety and an unparalleled bathing experience.


The mattress is crafted with the finest blend of horsehair and sheep wool, known as the Seasten 2000T, providing a dry and breathable yet luxuriously soft sensation. It ensures a restful slumber, where dreams take us to the depths of tranquil blue seas, inhabited by enigmatic marine creatures.



The spatial lines flow seamlessly like a stretching coastline, extending into every space, creating a connected flow of living. White luminaires embrace the gentle warmth, encountering the romantic ambiance of the setting sun.

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December 28, 2023 — Mark Ma