The Society is Like an Endless Wilderness, Where Dwellers Are Constantly Racing Like Cheetahs. However, In This Wilderness, There Is Always a Sanctuary to Rediscover the Inner Self.

With the Dwellers' Experience in Mind, the Designer Pays Attention to Details and Ingeniously Integrates Natural Elements, Turning Every Corner of the Space into a Starting Point for Exploring the World of Artistic Spirit.


Adhering to the mountain and river veins, the restaurant is designed with the theme of "forest, stone, water", presenting the hidden forms and textures in the space. One side writes poetry for the mountains and rivers, while the other blurs the boundaries of mountains and rivers, with winding waters reflecting the every moment of the residents' life here.



The mind creates the environment, and the environment nurtures the mind. Every piece of home furnishings, every inch of material used, is a reflection of the designer's inner "artful nature".

The restraint of marble and natural wood tones, combined with modern artistic decoration, seems to open up a "spiritual pilgrimage" that is at peace indoors, releasing a sense of quality living space.



Art inherently has the gift of transforming the ordinary into exquisite enjoyment. Through the natural context of "cheetah shadows flowing," it satisfies residents' unlimited imagination about "life."

The artistic lamp in the shape of a cheetah gives life to the colors in the living room, complemented by dark marble. The cheetah leaping in the jungle becomes the focal point in the space, guiding residents with its unique vision to experience the "beauty of the wild".


relax space

The exploration of quality,
spreads to every corner of the soul.
In the restaurant, exquisite floral arrangements and meticulous tableware shine on each other and enter into everyday life. Every tiny detail, carefully crafted, is showcasing the essence of life aesthetics.

luxury diningroom



In a space, the display of emotions and atmosphere is not just a moment of rest and relaxation, but also a series of vivid stories. The design of the water bar, dominated by simple geometric elements, immerses people in it, allowing them to feel the personality and emotions conveyed by the space.

water bar

Deliberately eliminating excessive complexity, allowing natural light and space to blend into daily life, situated in the study, with shadowy movements like a ghostly presence, allowing one to immerse oneself in a state of solitude.


As the space deepens, the leopard on the wall of the master bedroom seems to be dancing in the space, interpreting the vitality of life in a unique posture. It seems to endow the entire master bedroom with the soul of nature, releasing stress, returning to the true self, and allowing the occupants to find a pure land of the soul in the busy world.

master bedroom



The secondary bedroom space uses a blue color scheme as a starting point, recreating the elegance of nature scenery. Through meticulous observation and careful consideration of life, with subtle contrasting soft tones, it creates the proper texture and tranquility for the residents.

second bedroom

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