Open and spacious feeling
The living room incorporates the original balcony into the indoor space, dividing it into a living balcony and a leisure area. The leisure area is designed with a platform, creating a cozy corner.


coffee table


Large windows in public areas inevitably capture more external scenery. By using pure white dreamy curtains, light can gently filter into the room, allowing residents to catch glimpses of the outdoor greenery inadvertently, thereby establishing a connection with nature.




Connect the kitchen with the dining room and small balcony to create a dining and cooking space with a surrounding circulation line; the U-shaped countertop with strong storage capacity connects the cooking area and washing area, satisfying the washing, cutting, and cooking operations.



The dining and kitchen space is equipped with glass sliding doors, allowing for easy transition between open and closed configurations.

children bedroom


To allow children to have better contact with nature, natural elements can be introduced into their rooms. These natural elements not only add vitality to the room but also cultivate children's love for nature. Achieving a comfortable design for a modern-style children's room requires consideration from multiple aspects. By implementing a reasonable spatial layout, choosing appropriate colors and materials, selecting furniture and decorations, as well as incorporating natural elements, we can create a safe, healthy, and enjoyable growth environment for children.

master bedroom


Designing based on the trajectory of natural light or the movement of the sun can help people in it have a better sense of orientation and spatial awareness.


The room is full of artistic beauty, with the designer's unique insights, skillfully using layout and structure, each area has a different atmosphere.

Design Team | 301 Design Institute 

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