One of Zumpto's cherished ideas is to design architecture as a pristine volumetric mass, and subsequently infuse it with light, as if chiseling into darkness, as though light were a new form taking hold.




Where the light falls, the surface of dim objects undergoes transformation, the movement of individuals in space due to light, the interplay of light and shadows reflected by various materials. Everything is in a state of flux, time takes on a form, and space morphs in shape.


lounge chair

Through this grand skylight, it feels as though one exists in the space between indoors and outdoors, with the vast sky stretching before our eyes. Freed from the confines of a roof, we stand under the blue sky, under the night sky, merging with the greater forces of nature, as if the world pulsates just beyond our doorstep. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows extend our vision outward, with both tall and short trees shielding us from the noise of the city. Home, as a sanctuary, now possesses the most enchanting countenance.

living space


Residences are abodes brimming with warmth, where tenderness is concealed within the mundane rituals of daily life. The exquisitely long open island counter epitomizes the homeowner’s ceremonious approach to food, while the vintage hues bear the imprints of time. Whether it be the everyday meals or holiday gatherings, the mundane staples of oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and tea embody the essence of existence.


water bar


dining chair

bar stool

The family room and reading area exist in the realm between privacy and public space, where books, figurines, and films serve as delightful pastimes for the entire household. Whether enjoyed individually or collectively, they elevate solitary moments or foster harmonious gatherings filled with music and conversation, transforming mundane days into the desired, novel experiences


coffee table


study room

The master bedroom exudes an overall color scheme highlighted by hues of beige, with bed-side furnishings, carpeting, and window drapes harmoniously mirroring the textures. This breaks away from a monotonous color palette while maintaining modest and restrained elegance. The lush foliage and ripe fruit hanging from the terrace infuse this space with boundless vitality. In the ideal afternoon, nestled in the corner of the bedroom, one can savour the fragrance of fruit, peruse through books, or indulge in a nap, for such is life's essence.

master bedroom



Release the weariness, rid oneself of the day's dust, and immerse in tranquility - a domain of sleep that belongs solely to oneself. It signifies the end of one day and heralds the beginning of a new one. A well-crafted sleep sanctuary brings profound relaxation and a sense of security. Designers strive to prioritize the fundamental functionality of the bedroom space, in order to achieve bodily comfort, a soothing rhythm, and emotional serenity.

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January 20, 2024 — Z Z