Whether it be a place of residence or a sanctuary for personal indulgence, the concept of "home" necessitates a design philosophy that resonates deeply with its inhabitants.


luxury livingroom



Adhering to the concept of "integrated spatial manifestation," the design emphasizes the artistic and livable atmosphere of the space. By departing from the conventional, single-dimensional form and function of a traditional dining room, it presents a majestic visual impact, satisfying the inhabitants' dual enjoyment of both the spirit and life.


If the dining room is the stage of life, then the bedroom is the intimate sanctuary of the inhabitant. Considering the privacy and usage scenarios of this space, let's depict luxuriousness in a concise and vibrant design, interpreting it as the resident's aesthetic reappraisal of art.





Design Team | Aoxun Design 

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January 21, 2024 — Z Z