The abode transcends boundaries, with an entrance hall exuding elegance and grace, where the fluid symphony of open space unfolds. The generous use of wood veneer and curved fabric walls seamlessly connect, as art, furniture, and decor coexist harmoniously, allowing one to embrace the rhythm of life within its expanse.


The passageway

The "sense of scale" between individuals and the environment, as well as between people, is the enchanting aspect of modern life. The living room, through the dimensions of spatial renovation, multifunctionality, and scene enhancement, achieves the optimal combination of functionality and aesthetics. By using space as a medium and art as a tool, various modules of life and social interactions are seamlessly integrated, maximizing the incorporation of outdoor scenery.




The luxurious television wall made of exquisite stone, the sleek and modern sofa chairs, and the metallic stone coffee table all come together to create a comfortable and inviting space for interaction. Despite the seemingly contrasting materials, they harmoniously merge in their unified configuration, giving rise to a captivating spatial composition.

luxury livingroom

marble coffee table


coffee table and sofa

The restaurant boasts an integrated layout, allowing for a multitude of spatial possibilities. It harmoniously combines natural elements, incorporating lush greens to create a comfortably balanced living environment. Complementing this ambiance are chairs and long tables fashioned from exquisite marble, evoking a bright and understated elegance. This interplay of light and subtlety brings forth an interactive space that is not only visually captivating, but also engages the senses in indulgent exploration and delectable tastings.



The master bedroom is a manifestation of the interplay between light and shadow, texture and sensation, presenting a hidden aesthetic in its intricate details. The overall color palette is predominantly light, complemented by warm whites and accents of dark wooden finishes. Through the juxtaposition of softness and strength, it delineates a restrained yet elegant spatial scale.



In the realm of simplification, there lies a contemplation of life's philosophy. The secondary bedroom, abundant yet understated, embraces a palette of low saturation, seamlessly merging a cozy layout with a gentle tonality.

second bedroom



Interior Design: RuiDu Design

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