Living Room

coffee table and sofa
Spacious living room
coffee table
The foyer in traditional Chinese culture is often associated with "concealment," but what our design team aims to convey is "unveiling." By removing the original sliding doors and excessive carved partitions, we introduce a harmonious fusion of wood, metal, fireplace, stone slabs, and frameless concepts. This transformation breathes new life into the visual aspect, effortlessly unlocking infinite possibilities for the home.
.dining chair
dining table
Optimize layout according to the diverse needs of family members, incorporating enclosure, concealment, restructuring, and orderly organization. Respect every dimension, material, and texture, infusing soul through creativity and design innovation upon breaking conventions. This creates spaces of classic elegance and distinctive personality, delicately conveying varied qualities and philosophies of life.
water bar
A fully-equipped kitchen featuring a water bar, coffee machine, oven, and both Eastern and Western cooking facilities. The circular dining table and island counter complement each other, forming an organic integration. Smooth transitions in the layout create a coherent living space, while a serene living balcony in the north offers respite from the mundane bustle. Whether it's the hustle and bustle of daily life or the tranquility of a snowy spring day, all find their place here.
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Master Room


master bedroom



Combining elements from the homeowner's collection, seamlessly blending poetry, art, and craftsmanship. Utilizing gentle curves and layered three-dimensional designs within the space to effortlessly integrate display, functionality, storage, and fluidity. An animal-themed celebration exudes an elegant ambiance and playful charm. Experience the romance that the space offers in its most harmonious state.




Subaltern Room


Functionality and storage hidden at the border between light and shadow. The design team, armed with pencils, measuring tapes, and the craftsmen's hands, infuses this dormant mysterious world with abundant vitality.


wine rack

bar chair

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