Extracting the fashionable and delicate elements and structures from the Shanghai-style culture, we aim to create a living space imbued with historical charm and diverse inclusivity. It serves as a 'utilitarian artwork,' showcasing the luxury and sophistication of contemporary Shanghai-style spaces through rich experiences. Recapturing the golden era, we are crafting a prestigious residence emblematic of bustling elegance.

two armchair
The main color scheme, composed of deep brown grids and off-white leather, creates a serene and dignified atmosphere. The focal decorative area, accented with vibrant red as the primary color, introduces a conflicting ambiance, expressing exuberant vitality and infusing traditional Shanghai-style elements with a modern, youthful, and sharp edge.
coffee table
The curved leather sofa aptly conveys the elegance and quality of the scenic relaxation area. Vintage display shelves, reminiscent of inkstones and brush pens, create an elegant legendary classic amidst bold collisions of black, white, and burgundy hues.
wine bar
The coffee and wine offerings in the casual lounge area create a seamless transition between day and night, reflecting the new lifestyle of young people. The interplay of reddish-brown accents symbolizes gatherings and celebrations, while the sleek design of the bar counter, coupled with delicate materials and warm lighting, presents an ambiance reminiscent of a luxurious showcase.
Vintage furniture reflects classic elegance through its interplay of patterns and jacquard designs. The collision of patterns and geometric elements evokes a hint of British charm. Coffee table ornaments combine functionality and aesthetics, while floral arrangements inject an Eastern poetic essence into the space, creating a high-quality leisure area that seamlessly blends Eastern and Western influences.
luxury livingroom
Corner table
Taking a contemporary approach to spatial design, the emphasis lies on enhancing sensory experiences and user engagement. By creating interactive atmospheres and lifestyles within different spaces, we transcend traditional two-dimensional perceptions to foster a multi-dimensional sensory journey. Viewing through the lens of a 5D perspective, we delve into nuanced client experiences, utilizing intricate details and textures to evoke truly captivating sensory encounters for residents.
leather armchair
The living room and multi-functional room are seamlessly connected, forming a cohesive interactive space facing southward. The combination of sofas and tables creates a warm and inviting ambiance, resembling a cozy harbor. Dynamic lines and diverse shapes form a bustling retro gallery, while bold colors and decorations infuse the space with rich nostalgic charm.
The ripple glass pendant light and candlesticks complement each other, while the sleek marble dining table reflects the shapes like a serene lake surface. The embellishment of home decor naturally enhances the atmosphere, allowing them to coexist without interference. Here, cultural heritage blends with contemporary elegance, creating an interactive and multi-scene ambiance in the guest space.
master bedroom
A cup of coffee disperses the morning mist, while panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows bring the changes of seasons and the alternation of day and night. With simple and clean lines, the minimalist furniture and spacious layout create both a spacious mindset and visual openness. The use of wood veneer enhances the tranquility of the resting space, creating a sense of freedom in both mind and reality.
side table
children bedroom
A warm lamp casts a cozy atmosphere, while the variation in texture and interweaving lines make the home truly unique, like a personal gallery. With happy memories, the dwelling becomes a place of enduring beauty.


March 29, 2024 — Z Z