Upon entering the living room, like delicate strokes of a painter's brush, the designer captures the brilliance of gold, the steadiness of ink-black, and the depth of wine-red, outlining a classical and elegant ambiance.

luxury livingroom
The background wall and flooring of large natural stones lay the foundation for an atmosphere of luxury and elegance in the space, with precise cutting techniques and delicate textures that seem to whisper the beauty of nature.
livingroom luxury
living room
The gentle glow of the pendant light envelops the modern-art-inspired coffee table, with luxurious and exquisite details throughout. Transitioning from vintage to modern, from trendy to elegant, it flows within the understated luxury aesthetic, creating a space with a unique charm.
dining table
The dining room seamlessly connects with the living room, cleverly intertwining the functionality and aesthetics of the two living spaces. From three meals a day to the changing seasons, they all become part of the continuous flow of life's enjoyment.
The delicate textures of luxurious stone blend seamlessly with the smoothness of metal and the warm touch of leather, creating a rich tactile experience. Whether immersed in the joy of cooking, engaging in intimate interactions with family, or enjoying lively conversations with friends, these elements make the scenes more vibrant and enjoyable.
elder bedroom
master bedroom
With "refined understated luxury" as the design focal point, soft bedding, linear pendant lights, elegant brown tones, and warm wood accents progress layer by layer in the space, complementing each other and seemingly unfolding a silent aesthetic, soothing every busy daily routine.
The space is seamlessly connected, creating a grand sense of scale in the master bedroom. At the level of form and detail, the finesse of marble and metal, along with the richness of spatial layers, exude an elegant lifestyle taste with layers of refinement.
children bedroom
boy room
The older child's room adopts a more vibrant design approach, integrating elements of the child's favorite golf sport into a simple yet elegant atmosphere, creating a space filled with rhythmic beauty.
girl room
Walking into the mezzanine family theater, one is greeted by a vibrant living plant wall, blurring the boundaries between motion and stillness. While enjoying the visual feast brought by the movies, one can also feel the tranquility and comfort of nature.
relax space
The peach blossom chandelier blooms like spring flowers, adding a touch of graceful elegance to the dialogue between luxury and simplicity, showcasing a refined and meticulous narrative of light and shadow. The towering bookshelf design stands tall like a majestic fortress of knowledge, quietly narrating the history of a literary family and continuing to write the cultural chapter belonging to the family.
Amidst the interplay of light and shadow, a delicate sense of layered beauty emerges, longing to be revealed. The gentle rustle of turning pages flows like a musical passage, while wisps of ink fragrance fill the space, infusing the essence of poetry into the heart.
Design Team | M-DESGIN GROUP
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April 01, 2024 — Z Z