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Living Room:
The living room is the primary space for family gatherings and relaxation. Dominated by a minimalist blue leather sofa complemented by a black marble coffee table and green leather armchairs, it creates a fresh and simple atmosphere.
Corner table and Blue Minimalist Leather Sofa


The Blue Minimalist Leather Sofa featured in this guide exudes sophistication with its sleek silhouette, chic striped design, and designer armrests. Elevated by stylish metal legs, it's the epitome of modern luxury.

Blue Minimalist Leather Sofa

Blue Minimalist Leather Sofa

sofa feet

The high-quality sofa furniture blends with Chinese style elements, with rich layers and visually harmonious, providing an incredibly comfortable feeling in essence.


coffee table


Dining Room:
The dining room features a beige marble dining table paired with green leather dining chairs, creating a warm and comfortable dining environment. This combination is both elegant and practical, making dining time more enjoyable


Master Bedroom:
The master bedroom features a brown saddle leather bed and modular wardrobe, with an island-style functional division that makes the space dynamic and versatile. Whether for practical or emotional needs, one can find the most appropriate and comfortable corner here. In the entire bedroom environment, the brown saddle leather bed is not just a piece of furniture, but also a symbol of taste and lifestyle attitude. It provides the owner with a comfortable and pleasant resting environment, allowing perfect relaxation and rest after a weary day.
brown saddle leather bed
master bedroom




Elderly Room and Children's Room:
The elderly room is paired with wooden bedside tables and minimalist woven beds, simple yet warm. The children's room, on the other hand, adopts a combination of geometry and metal, with a juxtaposition of forms creating a three-dimensional shape full of dynamism and vitality, stimulating endless creativity in children.




Through the clever combination of these design elements, this family space not only meets various lifestyle needs but also provides a comfortable and pleasant living atmosphere for the family.


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