luxury livingroom

To some extent, material also represents the quality of life and also acts as an attitude towards life. The selection and combination of different ways of beauty, displayed in a thread-like manner, ultimately converge into an aesthetic expression of space.



coffee table

Combination coffee table


Firstly, in terms of space utilization, it boldly breaks the boundaries of the first and second floors and sets up a towering and spacious living room. Pu Yue believes that as the area of the house becomes larger, the proportion of rigid space requirements becomes smaller, and it needs some multi-functional or spiritual spaces to empower the product.

green velvet sofa

metal coffee table

lounge chair

To enhance the interaction between different level spaces, a flowing corridor is created on the empty side, forming an art gallery, while also creating a scene where people can gaze at each other.

A refined long dining table, elegant and luxurious, is an ideal choice for hosting banquets, accommodating many guests to enjoy food, drinks, and conversations, creating a warm and unforgettable atmosphere.


 The two children's rooms connected by an art corridor present different styles and characteristics on the basis of the overall spatial atmosphere, fully integrating the preferences and personalities of the children, creating a charming, warm and comfortable room scene.

children bedroom


 By using an oversized design, the entire three floors are transformed into a master bedroom suite, adopting a hotel-style layout to create more diverse spaces and deliver a higher-quality living experience for the residents. 

master bedroom





lounge chair


Maintain the tone of the overall space, further enhance the sense of privacy and value, and embellish with more introverted and heavy materials. Glass and metal are used as outlines, giving the overall temperament a sense of stability without losing liveliness.



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