Sometimes, what people lack is not a house but a home that can hold their lives and convey emotions.

tea room

The tea room is decorated with pine wood veneer, creating a space for Zen contemplation.

tea table

Displaying artworks, the painted walls and wooden ceilings on both sides create a tranquil atmosphere, while at the bottom of the line of sight is an elliptical treasure room showcasing the wine and treasures collected by the owner.

Displaying artworks


On the first floor, the staircase hall has added some dark elements to create a more stable and international feel. The terrazzo chair and metal custom-made light fixtures at the entrance add some subtle taste to the main entrance.

Spiral staircase



coffee table

The living room on the third floor continues the base of mineral coatings, creating a calm and warm space ambiance with large areas of wood veneer and natural materials such as rusted iron plates. Horizontal open display cabinets and a TV main wall extending to the high ceiling create a sense of space extension, complemented by linear lighting, providing a soft visual experience to the square space.

luxury livingroomdiningtable


water bar

The parquet flooring defines the main activity space, while the longitudinal central island bar can meet various lifestyle and social needs.




second bedroom

The bedroom on the 5th floor maximizes the use of the sloping roof space of the building, creating a more diverse spatial level and experience. Through the combination of dark-colored stone materials, it brings out a calmer and more relaxing bedroom space.



Dressing table

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