Grey serves as the foundation of the living room space, where fabric sofas combined with plush carpets bring comfort, while leather elements add a touch of luxury. The artistic centerpiece of the space lies in the paintings adorning the walls.

luxury livingroom

leather sofa


The combination of wood veneer and marble creates a backdrop akin to abstract art. The wooden lines harmonize with the strokes of space, evoking a profound ambiance that ignites the imagination. Mountains, rivers, lakes, and seas seem to materialize within the space.


The characteristic of spatial art lies in the combination of multiple materials. White marble exudes simple patterns, while flowers and the ripple-like carpet below echo each other, creating a light and flowing atmosphere that lightens the heart.

coffee table

The kitchen island extends into a dining table, differentiated by various materials. The ceiling design subtly delineates space, with large areas left blank and complemented by concise black lines, imbuing the expansive space with a sense of freedom. The integrated design of the space coupled with a sense of ritual creates an incredibly cozy atmosphere.



The sofa area serves as a watershed, with one side exuding a rich ambiance of vitality, while the other embodies the cultural heritage of Chinese style. The wall-mounted bookshelf is simple yet layered, infusing the space with the fragrance of books. The leather of the single chairs and the material of the pillows echo each other, highlighting a leisurely lifestyle, imbuing the heart with a sense of freedom.



Upon entering the bedroom, one feels the warmth and brightness emanating from the staff, with large areas left blank to allow for more possibilities. Within the minimalist space, a touch of Chinese elegance is added. The wooden floor exudes a sense of warmth, while white sheer curtains filter out excess sunlight.





The study extensively incorporates wooden elements, linking from the ceiling to the walls through lines. In a space full of layers, favorite objects are placed upright or held up. Art provides ample inspiration for the occupants' work.



The underground space features a dining area, with pendant lights resembling snowflakes, injecting a touch of aloofness into the serene environment. The wall cabinets are designed with embedded lighting strips, enhancing the texture of the artworks within. Many collections exude a strong sense of history, as time continues to write different stories.

underground space



The spacious environment transcends delicate artistic strokes; in the heart, it embodies a mansion, not only exquisite but also broad-minded. Unbound by cultural frameworks, the space incorporates a wealth of abstract and modern literary arts. History and modernity continuously merge, and in various regions of California, one can find the aesthetic beauty of culture, unconsciously reshaping one's temperament.

Design Team | MeiZhi DESIGN

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April 10, 2024 — Z Z