In a scarce environment that combines bustling and tranquil elements, a multi-functional luxury residence with an international perspective, humanistic care, and art collection is more prominent, integrating diverse spatial scenes and evoking a variety of emotional resonances.




True tranquility is not avoiding the hustle and bustle of carriages and horses, but cultivating chrysanthemums in the heart - by Lin Huiyin. Slow down the pace and indulge in the realm of luxury. Hand-woven carpets are as soft as flowing streams, colorful art illustrations are accompanied by crystal beads, accompanying time and savoring every beautiful moment in the space. Immersed in this, the hustle and bustle of the city seems to fade away, bringing joy to the body and mind.


Simple geometric lines, black, white, and gray intersect and connect ingeniously to create a rational and peaceful space. In leisure time, one can read, meditate, leisurely enjoy afternoon tea, or share cozy moments with family and friends.

coffee table

The designer is in the corner by the window, designing a corner of nature. Using flower arrangements to express the changing seasons, they create an artistic charm in the space. Inspired, they pick up the brush to paint, depicting still life and capturing the scenes that inspire life, enhancing their artistic cultivation.


The restaurant continues the simple and bright style, intertwined crystal bead chandeliers light up the romantic atmosphere for dinner. With a rhythmic melody playing in the background, sipping slowly and chatting softly, conveying love through food.



luxury diningroom

The study is decorated in classic black, white, and grey tones, creating a serene and stylish space atmosphere. The marble storage compartments, arranged in a scattered manner, add a sense of spatial movement and rhythm.



Enjoy every moment and slow down to appreciate life.

At night, when everything is quiet and busy stops, release tension, return to yourself, and enjoy comfortable and warm moments. The master bedroom has a simple layout, with dark colors creating a calm and deep atmosphere.

master bedroom


The dressing room is decorated to express the hostess's elegant and composed temperament. The designer focuses on design sense, comfort, and privacy, combining incense and green plants to create an atmosphere that is grand, intellectual, profound, and elegant, thereby fostering a higher quality of modern living.

Dressing room.

The girl's room is decorated in pure white, describing colorful observations and fantasies about nature and the world, full of artistic atmosphere. A book, a painting, a piece of art, are all windows through which the girl perceives and fantasizes about the world.

girl bedroom




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