Foyer, upon entering the door, transforms the environmental perception, condenses the overall design style, defines the orientation for the entire house, and is an area that embodies all concepts. From here, it can be observed that the space will be presented in the form of imagination and art.




coffee table

Profound design ability will eventually be depicted in a piece of artwork. Behind the transparent gray glass panels, the study space is separated, without reducing the importance of reading and collecting due to space limitations. The main feature is still the large assembled desk and the full-open cabinet, calmly meeting the needs of placement and organization.

luxury livingroom



The landscape balcony presents a dual landscape, satisfying the need for daytime organic cultivation while also providing another form for friends and family to gather at night. Just as life is three-dimensional, the development of spatial style is inspired by the multiple behavioral patterns of residents, and each specific scenario is a derivative of habits.


The modernist base extends into a luxurious style, shifting from spatial construction to the integration of accessories. The distribution of color blocks presents an overall visual in shades of gray, fused with metallic elements. With the transformation of black and white elements, it forms a restrained synergy towards artistic creativity. Under the afterglow, the extension of time and space creates a mottled image.



The exquisite stone dining table bathed in light silently tells the stories of laughter and joy shared here, hinting at the preciousness of everyday tranquility. The extensive use of wood veneer on the cabinets enhances the spatial hierarchy and storage value, with rounded edges at the bottom and corners demonstrating attention to detail in daily use.



The whole house is decorated with natural Spanish marble lamps to maintain a consistent tone, highlighting various lifestyle habits through different materials.

The master bedroom is distinguished by quartz sand and gravel paintings, reflecting a reserved personality, akin to the condensed texture of sandstone, embodying the resident's attention to the character of life. The bedding with silk and velvet texture also subtly reflects their delicate and cloud-like state of mind.

master bedroom



Anywhere in life, you can easily choose more suitable items: the whisky cabinet on the side has become a comfortable option beyond sleep, the reuse of the bay window makes the space more diverse, and the dressing table is arranged with Chanel BEAUTY as the concept, presenting a light luxury daily life.


The elder's room is centered around the theme of imprints, displaying objects in the form of exhibits: a painting capturing the shadows of the sunrise, a decree written for the family, a chapter of deep and enduring love, a set of stamps that have withstood the test of time. At night, mixed with a warm and gentle light, memories of the past are recalled.

second bedroom



Occasionally, sitting in front of the table, under the reflection of natural light, the silhouette seems to be depicting the life stories of the long seasons. Flipping through old photo albums, touching the once beloved pocket watch, then taking a spoonful of ripe Pu'er tea from the cabinet, brewing it with water, and savoring it, all the familiar routines are actually still unfolding.



Children who are still in the stage of curiosity are obsessed with everything related to smart technology. Starting with an electric toy car, the roaring performance may indicate their desire to grow up faster. The information they acquire is not only about contemporary technology, but also delves into its historical context. They diligently collect iterated car models, filling the space with seamless interaction between old and new.




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February 26, 2024 — Z Z