luxury livingroom

The artist maps the world with their soul and speaks for the mountains and rivers. They admire the colors, order, rhythm, and harmony of nature, using them as a portal into the deepest reflections of their own soul, thus reaching the pinnacle of artistic expression.
Through the trials of life, one remains unsoiled by the dust and wind of time, having traveled the world but returning to their roots. This is the essence of the "human condition", bordering on artistry.




"In the midst of life, return to nature and return to oneself. Cultivate plants and vegetables, let the reins loose on your horse, face the vast sea, and find the 'inner sanctuary' for yourself and your family."




The designer integrates the elements of environment, space, and residents' emotions, employing the principles of tranquility and simplicity to create an aesthetic grounded in nature. This establishes a dialogue between space and individuals, enabling inhabitants to shed the complexities of urban life and reconnect with the innermost longing for nature's simplicity and purity.


Subterranean parlor

As a haven for social gatherings, underground spaces embody the owner's aesthetic inclinations. Amidst the bamboo grove, friends gather around, bonding over wine and indulging in the essence of poetry... The company of good friends is always accompanied by exquisite wine and profound verses, igniting inspiration, dispensing charm, and nurturing the bonds of camaraderie.


Subterranean reception chamber


The designer conceptualized the study as an idyllic retreat, brimming with mystique, fantasy and intrigue. It is a place to immerse oneself in the ocean of books, bringing dreams and memories to life within the confines of the home, whether it be sitting, reclining, reading, or sipping tea. This private sanctum offers a unique haven within the home.

tea room


As for the bedroom, it serves as a sanctuary for both the body and mind. The vast expanse of textured fabric on the surface of the space embodies the essence of minimalistic art, while the extension of lines empowers it with even more simplicity and tranquility.



The cloakroom

Starting from nature and ending with life, the best design is to create the future.

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January 04, 2024 — Z Z