The dining area and living room are "independent yet connected," with wooden grain and stone enveloping the structural columns to create a "textural mass" that establishes spatial division and a sense of form. The dining space is spacious and atmospheric, with a unified layout design that allows for smoother circulation.
Life needs a sense of ceremony, and the dining table serves as a gathering point, symbolizing the warmth of a family. It adds a touch of spiritual expression to busy lives, making busy individuals fall in love with coming home.

The presentation of imported furniture and art decorations lies in the details and quality. The simple and delicate design interprets the inspiration of life, forming a classic and elegant space.

Reasonably utilize space to enhance functionality and give the space a unique sense of hierarchy and exploration. The design of the L-shaped sofa provides a large area for social and entertainment purposes.
The dual living rooms effectively expand the activity range and zoning hierarchy of the public area, maximizing the interaction between adjacent spaces, and highlighting the designer's meticulous consideration of functional organization in the details.

The living room design aims to activate the space, accommodate multiple lifestyles, and create a multi-faceted sense of aesthetics for a resting space. By arranging and selecting furniture, it creates a flexible environment to meet the different activity needs of family members.

Artistic vibes permeate the entire study, and inclusive, casual lifestyle concepts are also spreading within this space.

The design of the master bedroom adopts a combination of widening layout and zoning, emphasizing the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, creating a comfortable sleeping environment. By simplifying the space and approaching the essence of design, life becomes enriched and interesting.

The texture of the guest bedroom is rich yet understated, employing varying degrees of brightness and color tendencies in grey to give the space a sense of light luxury and elegance.


February 18, 2024 — MaMark