Living Room
In this space, we have fully embraced the allure of natural materials, showcasing their range of tones and textures. The wooden flooring, a stone countertop, and marble veined walls add dimension and depth to the space, while also providing a sensory delight for its occupants.


empty living room



The entire area is artfully bathed in natural light and shadow, skillfully using the environment to sculpt the contours of the space, igniting its vitality. sitting opposite each other by the living room tall windows, fostering social connections, while a traditional tea-cooking scene infuses the space with a burst of lively energy, reminiscent of colorful fireworks.


coffee table

he initial experience of entering the home sets the foundation for the overall ambiance and tone of the space. A well-designed and comprehensive entrance imparts a sense of ceremony and significance to the arrival, making it a memorable part of the living experience.


The dining area serves a dual purpose, not only fulfilling the need for an intimate setting for Chinese cuisine but also incorporating a Western-style interactive scene reminiscent of home-cooked meals. It harmoniously balances the traditional dining ceremony with the lively spirit of shared meals, all while taking into account the vibrant festivities at home.



The meticulously crafted furniture, the warm hues, and the intricate details all coalesce into perfect harmony. This space becomes a haven for the soul, a wellspring of creative inspiration, and a sanctuary of comfort. In this poetic haven, individuals can discover a moment of serenity, savor the beauty of life, and immerse themselves in their personal realm.

Master bedroom


In this space, we eschew the pursuit of cluttered decorations, prioritizing the expressive textures of materials and intricate details to convey a comfortable and relaxed quality of life. The Wassily chair positioned by the bed isnt just a cherished possession of the owner; it serves as the crowning touch to the environment. With its simple structure, smooth lines, and inherent beauty and elegance, it infuses a distinctive vibrancy into the entire space.



The study stands as an oasis of contemplation, where stone rubbings serve as silent witnesses to the passage of time. The studys theme is carefully tailored to revolve around its owner’s desires, and its overall style is a seamless continuation of traditional culture. Here, the theme comes to life as text and intricate patterns are meticulously printed on rice paper with graphite, creating a tranquil and culturally rich atmosphere.


The design of the secondary bedroom suite is thoughtfully crafted to prioritize functionality and seamless movement. It connects to an independent collection room and even boasts the unique ability to be entered from a hidden door in the living room. This design isnt just about meeting the residents basic needs but also creating a dedicated space for his hobbies, be it traveling or collecting, making it a truly versatile and personalized living area.

Second bedroom

decoration in Second bedroom


Interior decoration design | ARK Manli Interior Design
Design team | Aggie, David Hoo, Yuan ShaSha

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November 26, 2023 — Mark Ma