The height of the city skyline, combined with the four-layer landscape of mountains, sea, gardens, and cities, creates a comfortable and luxurious spiritual atmosphere where art, nature, and urban context converge. The living room, dining room, and balcony form an interactive gathering place for enjoying the view, socializing, and private moments. It offers a direct view of the undulating NanShan Mountain and captures the romantic mountain flowers and brilliant sunlight of the bay area with an expansive panoramic scale.




The art decoration on the restaurant wall resembles surging waves and the rippling wheat fields under a fierce wind... It opens up a space filled with imagination and vitality, enveloping the room with the essence of nature... The curved corners of the dining table and chairs present a soft yet powerful elegance. The long cabinet chair on one side serves both as a dining chair and a display cabinet, effortlessly embodying a casual and refined dining style.




Living near mountains and the sea, the larger the scenic view of the mountains and the sea, the greater the value of "home"! The soft scenes on the balcony are all designed around the idea of "maximizing the embrace of nature, enjoying nature": gathering around the fire to boil tea, enjoying coffee time, reading with children, sketching and painting, capturing light and shadow... Here, it is a space for purely enjoying the natural landscape and having a conversation with the magnificent Nanshan Mountain. Through design intervention, the core value of the residence is amplified.

coffee table

Decorative paintings

A multifunctional room enhances the spatial scale with low and compact furniture, while an open layout facilitates various functional scenes such as a study, a studio, a guest room, a yoga room, and a leisure area. The overall restrained color scheme matches with vinyl record art and trendy figurines, showcasing the personality of the space and creating a sense of both strategic planning and contentment. A corner is carved out above the bay window.

living space


In the elegant and restrained background, the master bedroom creates a flowing decorative painting with a view of the undulating mountains, forming a harmonious breathing sensation with the green carpet on the bed. The invading indigo blue and azure blue present the scene flowing in the space, creating a serene artistic conception of people wandering in the scenery.

master bedroom


bedsidesecond bedroom

Using the cold and warm contrast of green and coffee colors to create a full visual hierarchy, elegant bedding and accessories showcase the exquisite and elegant texture of home furnishings in the play of light and shadow.

seconde bedroom


Through toys, classic quotes, mini blackboards, headphones, dinosaur decorations, and other ornaments, a space filled with energy about bravery and dreams is created. Combined with the tatami bed built on the bay window, not only does it provide more space, but it also allows children to engage in conversations, games, observations, and explorations with the vast world outside the window at a closer distance...

children's bedroom

children's bed

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