The elegant background is formed by the seamless connection between marble veneer and light wood surfaces. The black ceramic tiles complement the light and subtle wall background, creating a harmonious spatial texture and establishing a stable and deep atmosphere.


In the living room, two inclined arc sofas present an open and inclusive quality from a "panoramic" perspective. They not only showcase the spatial layout inwardly but also face the French windows, symbolizing the inclusiveness and acceptance towards the city.


luxury livingroom

black sofa

From the nearby natural landscapes to the distant towering buildings, the overall view of the city is seamlessly integrated into the interior, fully reflecting the comprehensive integration of interior design.

coffee table

dark sofa

In the corner of the living room, the designer has created a wine cabinet where we can savor the beauty of life when the night falls and the stars twinkle. Compared to poetry, songs, philosophy, and Taoist principles, a good bottle of wine can better enhance the experience of a beautiful home.


wine cabinet

The curved island in the kitchen is also a wine tasting area. The silver-white metallic finish displays a classic and elegant high-end texture, highlighting the quality of the space and adding brilliance to life.


dining table

The bedroom adopts a half-wall design, which maintains the coherence of the space while ensuring privacy.

master bedroom


Between luxury, art, and comfort, designers have found a vessel of exceptional performance - the artistic form of lighting to adorn the classic Italian aesthetic. The light and lines blend perfectly, creating a rich and orderly layer, spreading throughout the bedroom.



The other bedroom adheres to a minimalist and retro aesthetic order, with a bench extending from the bed and a delicate and simple coffee table, creating a casual and cozy living environment.

luxury bedroom

second bedroom

coffee table

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