The living room space lowers the center of gravity with a stretched, elongated TV wall unit, creating a design full of tension. The red velvet armchair in the living room is like a bright flower, blossoming in the gray-toned space, quickly catching people's attention.


living space

velvet armchair

red armchair
Its delicate fabric texture emits a soft luster, and against the deep gray background, the red velvet armchair is like a bright lightning bolt, lighting up the entire space, bringing a sense of joy and pleasure.
red velvet armchair

grey sofa

This red velvet armchair is not just a piece of furniture; its presence makes the entire space more vibrant and colorful. Through the expression of curved aesthetic, the boundaries of the space are blurred.

coffee table

The atmosphere brought by the tea room is even more pleasant, where one can sit quietly and appreciate the beauty of life from different angles, creating a comfortable and natural space atmosphere.
a tea room

tea table

tea room
The black color in the dining room not only conveys a stable temperament but also symbolizes unique taste.
The black hard decoration of the kitchen countertop uses a steady black to dissolve the elegance of the space, avoiding visual fatigue caused by minimalist decoration.
dining chair

dining table

dining room

With black and white as the main tone, it becomes the visual experience of the bedroom, reducing the oppressive atmosphere and fatigue, allowing the mind and body to relax.
master bedroom



An ideal living condition is not only a combination of comfort and practicality but also considers humanized design details. The red velvet armchair, as one of the key elements, not only adds a touch of brightness to the space but also symbolizes emotional memories and belonging, becoming an indispensable part of the living space.

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