In the living room, alongside the clean and orderly arrangement, we have introduced a sleek grey fabric sofa and a red petal-shaped armchair. The grey fabric sofa, crafted with exquisite material, offers a cozy and warm feel. Its angular design combines style with functionality, providing various seating options.


grey fabric sofa

grey  sofa

red petal-shaped armchair.

red petal armchair
Additionally, this grey fabric sofa comes with built-in storage space, allowing convenient organization of books, remote controls, and other small items, ensuring a clutter-free space.


Positioned in another corner of the living room, sits a red petal-shaped armchair, its unique design resembling blooming petals exudes comfort and coziness. This red armchair not only adds a vibrant splash of color to the space but also offers a comfortable resting spot. The interplay between the red petal armchair and the grey fabric sofa creates a vibrant and diverse ambiance in the living room.
coffee table
The grandeur of the marble coffee table, with its substantial stone and metal inlays, exudes a luxurious texture. Paired with the red petal armchair, it strikes a balance between order and freedom, offering relaxation and tranquility.
The white marble dining table, with its simple and gentle design, gracefully depicts the essence of the surrounding landscape, creating a unique dining atmosphere.


In the expansive master bedroom suite, as natural light filters through delicate curtains, a blend of calm restraint and warm elegance permeates the space, inviting exploration of diverse lifestyles and living forms.
master bedroom


black bedroom

leather armchair
The black-and-white-gray palette unveils an ideal world of calm rationality, where the black fabric upholstery of the master bedroom's bed harmonizes with the black-and-white dual-tone cabinet, seamlessly transitioning the space.
female master bedroom

female bedroom

In the female master bedroom, delicate pink hues blend with the exquisite and sweet essence of the local Eastern culture, creating a multi-layered construction of soft pink tones. Departing from the male master bedroom's calm rationality, it reveals a charming and adorable facet hidden within intellectual elegance, portraying a journey of female strength and artistic creation.


April 25, 2024 — Z Z