The main activity area at home, including the living and dining spaces, along with the kitchen, incorporates imaginative furniture and fixtures, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. Unconventional modular sofas, a 'hibernating' polar bear lounge, and vibrant red wooden armchairs with gentle, lively lines complement the emerald green curves of the fireplace, enhancing the expansiveness of the space.



wooden armchair
Crafted with a walnut frame, the red wooden armchair exudes durability and stability. Its intricate yet sturdy design showcases the classic beauty and natural texture of wooden furniture. The high-quality red leather upholstery of the seat and backrest offers a comfortable seating experience, perfectly accentuating the walnut frame and creating a visually striking effect.
red wooden armchair
The untamed form of the red wooden armchair exudes strength and tension, with its smooth yet powerful lines and defined contours exuding a commanding presence. Placed within the home, it immediately becomes a focal point, infusing the space with a strong personality and allure. Whether used as a standalone decorative piece or as a comfortable seat for relaxation, it radiates the unique charm of the home space, ensuring comfort and ease.


coffee table


fabric sofa
Moving to the kitchen, fully equipped with appliances ranging from refrigerators and ovens to a bar cabinet and teppanyaki grill, it serves as the central hub for future social gatherings at home.

dining chair


fabric chair
In the master bedroom, the classic brown leather bed exudes elegance, while wallpaper covering all four walls creates a tropical jungle-like ambiance, inviting curiosity about potential playful creatures hiding among the branches.
brown leather bed
 leather bed
master bedroom
The bed is designed with a large-screen headboard, featuring smooth lines and clear contours that exude elegance. Additionally, the width and height of the headboard are substantial, providing users with ample backrest space for enhanced comfort and support while in bed.
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