The designer, based on the homeowner's lifestyle considerations, extends expressions of the owner's preferences and joys, blending modern leisure, home intelligence, comfort, and artistry. Every corner of the home exudes vitality and traces of time, revealing a sense of fashionable, elegant French romance.

The 16-meter-span grand living room space is divided based on the homeowner's actual living habits, presenting its unique spatial usage characteristics. Simple hard structural elements are employed to leave more white space, focusing on the texture of materials and simplified forms. Soft, curved lines are used to soften the corners of the space, creating a natural flow and a pure artistic sensation visually. This imbues the space with an artistic temperament that combines modernity with classical elements.
coffee table
luxury livingroom
Large floor-to-ceiling windows introduce natural light from the outdoors into the interior, creating a more open and bright space overall. The expansive layout fosters a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Fashionable home elements elevate the style and taste of the space.
The overall space is predominantly white, with black cabinets complemented by natural marble countertops. The floor features a mosaic pattern of Yugoslavian white and Lauren black gold stone, combining black and white stripes. Through the collision of details, textures, and materials, it exudes a French romantic elegance.
master bedroom
The bedroom maintains a pure color palette and a naturally comfortable atmosphere. Soft curves are employed to create a relaxed and tranquil space interface.
The Wardrobe
Design Team | LUSHANG Design 
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