These days, it's almost embarrassing to greet people without a cat in your hands. The encounter between humans and cats is the most beautiful encounter in the world. In this case, the designer, as a true cat lover, has transformed the home to be more suitable for the harmonious coexistence of humans and pets through a comprehensive understanding of cat behavior.


coffee table

The designer even incorporates ingenuity into furniture design, making it not only a comfortable resting place for pet owners but also transforming it into a playground and hiding place for cats through modular elements and concealed small spaces.


The integrated design of LDK restaurant eliminates boundaries and enhances transparency. Designers achieve diverse functionalities and usage patterns through flexible configurations within this cohesive space.

TV console

living space

A versatile kitchen with an interactive bar, a multifunctional island – the movable screen effortlessly switches modes, transforming from a Chinese stir-fry setting to the stage of a Western-style social cooking star in an instant.


wine bar

Savoring wine and reading in the cozy area allows you to have the space and wisdom for timely solitude. In a complex world, be a simple person. Amidst the crowd, observe quietly; when alone, stay alert. The combination of books and cats is one of the most pleasant sceneries in the world. And when listening to music, whisky is indispensable.

Wine tasting area


liquor cabinet

If our language were whiskey: "The water swirls slowly in the whiskey, the clear water and the captivating amber liquid depict smooth patterns brought by the difference in density, blending together momentarily. It's a moment of beauty."

master bedroom


The transparent bathroom space is equipped with elegant electroplated curved glass, extremely sleek. Intelligent electric curtains, smart toilets, and automatic sensing night lights provide the owner with top-notch convenience and comfort hardware. The ingeniously embedded Mini Bar next to the independent dressing room creates a wonderful atmosphere for the owner's tipsy nights.

second bedroom

second bed


Storage shelf


The timeless treehouse is the dream of millions of children, with dreamy swings and jungle animal-themed stories. With fresh and natural colors and environmentally friendly materials, it provides children with a lifelong beneficial Neverland.

Indoor Swing

children room

Design Team | Panshine Design

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