In contemporary home design, incorporating natural elements into modern living is a key focus, and the green velvet sofa perfectly embodies this concept. Its vibrant color and soft texture not only add a visual highlight to the home environment but also offer a comfortable seating experience. Today, we'll take you into a home space that merges nature with modern aesthetics, showcasing how the green velvet sofa, through thoughtful design and pairing, can exude a unique artistic charm.



Open-Concept Public Space

The removal of all partition walls in the public area creates an open LDK (living, dining, kitchen) layout, offering a wide view and smooth movement flow. The public space, dominated by deep gray and white tones, establishes a simple yet grand atmosphere.
Living room filled with natural elements


Living Room Focus: Green Velvet Sofa

In the living room, the green velvet sofa paired with green curtains creates a refreshing scene. This combination echoes the outdoor terrace plants, forming a seamless natural color transition between indoors and outdoors.
Green Velvet Sofa
The green velvet sofa not only stands out as a bright spot in the black-and-gray space but also brings a rich visual experience through its interaction with materials like stone and brass. Soft velvet carpets and plush lounge chairs further enhance the comfort and tactile feel of the living room. The storage cabinet behind the sofa features both open and closed sections, providing both storage and display functions, adding more practicality and aesthetics to the space. The natural texture of the stone coffee table injects a touch of nature into the living room.
Green Velvet Sofa and coffee table

Dining and Kitchen Area: Natural Continuation

The color tone of the green velvet sofa extends to the items on the dining table and in the kitchen, blending with the wooden dining chairs and table, adding a touch of nature. This design not only enhances the overall spatial coordination but also infuses the home environment with more vitality and energy.
dining area

dining table

dining chair

Study Room: Warmth and Layering

The study room is decorated with wood finishes, creating a warm and quiet workspace. The staggered wood panels add a sense of layering. The combination of a round carpet and a velvet texture lounge chair creates a cozy reading nook.
Study Room
velvet armchair

Master Bedroom: Stability and Warmth

The master bedroom, with gray and white as the main color tones, incorporates a warm golden brown bed, exuding a stable and restrained atmosphere. The chest of drawers placed at the end of the bed increases storage space and enriches the room elements.
Master Bedroom

Master Bed

yellow velvet armchair

Children's Room: Warmth and Fun

The children's room, dominated by pink tones, creates a warm and sweet atmosphere. A study desk is set up on the side, effectively utilizing the space. The headboard background uses gray cloud wallpaper, paired with a mosaic chest of drawers, adding rich and interesting textures to the children's room.
Children's Room

wooden nightstand




Through the clever use of the green velvet sofa, we see its unique charm in home design. Whether paired with deep gray and white tones or interacting with various materials, the green velvet sofa can showcase its unique artistic sense and practicality. Let every detail of your home life be filled with the wisdom of design and the enjoyment of beauty.

Design Team | Guan Bai Design 

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June 09, 2024 — Z Z