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Calm and quiet metal grille, using the golden ratio division method, semi-hollow design, lighting mapping on the above, giving the spirit of nature.


quite livingroom


Out is prosperous, in is quiet, brief but concise shows the ideal state of modern urban dwelling. How to express the privileged style and livable ecology in line with the local environment in this home is the original intention of this design.



In pure modernist design, silence and emptiness are two interdependent design realms, both of which are the embodiment of beauty, the former emphasizing the beauty of nature, the latter emphasizing the beauty of spirituality.

The bar counter
Wine cellar

The open layout of the space and the clever use of natural light and shadow ensure the overall openness while building a harmonious relationship between the interior and exterior. The layout of the interior landscape visually forms the visual center of the space and emphasizes the overall artistic form.

relax space


Basement recreation space

There needs to be the right balance between the hustle and privacy of life. The design uses the change of vertical space to divide movement and movement. Through the performance of the indoor micro-landscape, the soft touch of moss green velvet and the rough and hard stone form a subtle sense of conflict. From here, time begins to slow down and returns to the steady peace of the heart.

"Mother's Arms" Sofa

basement living room

Collection rack

In the construction of the bedroom, the design chooses restraint, so that the living nature becomes the protagonist of the space. Through the clear and harmonious gray tone, residents can quickly relax and enter a self-healing state. The space partially references the elements of green plants, fully considers the safety and health of daily living, and the relaxed and comfortable living experience is awakened together in the morning of every sunrise.

master badroom



The charm of home does not rely on a strong sense of ritual and drama stacked, but permeates the gap between ordinary life. The cold architectural form is endowed with emotion to create a harmonious and comfortable dwelling place in the field.



Chief Designer | Michael Zhang
Soft Decoration Design | Cheng Hui

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December 20, 2023 — Mark Ma