We all think that the ideal life should be elsewhere
But you will understand one day
is life good
It just depends on what kind of daily life you have
And daily
It’s the starting point for all home design

vast living room


Vintage Colour Scheme Meets Modern Home



coffee table and chair

The vinyl floor-standing record player in the living room adds a touch of retro atmosphere. Simple and modern brown velvet square stools combined with marble coffee tables and irregular fruit plates form a reception space with a strong design atmosphere.



The duet of candlelight and lights creates a warm and romantic atmosphere. The dark brown sideboard with flower arrangements and hanging paintings seems to have an ancient and mysterious story behind it.



The black and white printed tablecloth appears before your eyes like an ink painting, and the dining table has a strong artistic atmosphere.
In this atmosphere, a delicious dinner is about to begin.

dining space







The so-called deep and elegant room, quietness is the most satisfying. The bedroom is the habitat of the body and soul, and books are also indispensable. The bedside table in the corner recess extends into a window card holder of the same color. The integrated design makes full use of the corner space and adds to the style of the space.


vast bedroom

The retro green bedroom soft-covered background wall at the head and foot of the bed is made of fine and soft materials, the color is elegant and warm, and it is picturesque. The matching bedding and curtains have harmonious tones and unified space, showing the overall beauty.

Green room decoration


The combination of tranquil tones often makes people feel like they are in nature. It feels like you are far away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a moment of tranquility.

Earth tone room

near by window room

Hard decoration design: Shanghai Puhui Space Design Co., Ltd.

Costume Design: Shanghai Puhui Space Design Co., Ltd.

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December 21, 2023 — Mark Ma