Step away from the clamor and enter tranquility, where the foyer welcomes you in the utmost comfort. Sunlight cascades through the mullions, casting a gentle glow upon the walls, while artworks patiently await amidst the interplay of light and shadow. Even within this confined space, one can embark on boundless reveries.


As I step into the living room, a delicate blend of Shanghai-style elegance and Eastern classical beauty intertwines, giving birth to an indescribable charm that resonates with the inhabitants.


coffee table

Behind the sofa, there is a tea area, exuding a sense of tranquility and elegance that has been refined over time, infusing the space with a deeper aesthetic.


tea table

The open layout with integrated dining and living spaces amplifies a sense of openness and clarity. The scroll-shaped cloud marble chandelier, with its sleek and meandering curves, enhances the unique beauty of the oriental aesthetics.


The artistic dining table, resonating with the essence of "bamboo", beautifully complements the modern and minimalist dining chairs, imbuing the restaurant with a dynamic beauty that enhances the comfortable dining atmosphere, providing a pleasant company for the three daily meals.


The open-concept kitchen employs a minimalist design approach, achieving a seamless fusion of Eastern and Western elements; where the rituals of life intertwine with the vibrant essence, establishing a bridge between emotions and gastronomy.


As you enter the master bedroom, the elegant color palette harmonizes with the refined aesthetic, outlining the graceful contours of the space. Meticulous details and artistic warmth coexist, creating a haven of comfort and sophistication.

master bedroom



dress table

With the dweller at the heart, the dressing table transforms into a stage exclusive to the mistress, while the glass island counter, adorned with a variety of timepieces, becomes a secluded sanctuary for the master.
Stepping into the bathroom, the scent of agarwood wafts through the space, and behind the mirrors lies concealed storage cabinets, exhibiting the meticulous attention to detail that epitomizes refined living.

second bedroom



The children's room is adorned in a vibrant shade of verdant green, symbolizing vitality and creating a whimsical ambiance. It satisfies curiosity while fostering an emotional conduit for harmonious coexistence with the world and life itself.

children‘s bedroom

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