Boiling water and steeping tea, playing music while delicately arranging flowers
Sitting leisurely to play chess, engaging in discussions with laughter
From elegant banquets in the Song Dynasty to modern-day lifestyles,
The Eastern grace transforms the ordinary into poetic art
Various distractions, when encountered with oneself, nourish the body and soul





livingroom luxury

The reimagining of the East is not a mere reverence for antiquity, but rather a fusion with contemporary lifestyles, engraving aesthetic imprints that blend the ancient and the modern, the East and the West.



brown armchair

The tranquility of the living room is complemented by the quiet flow of ink, with a palette of black, grey, apricot, brown, antique bronze, and lacquer gold. The scale of coloration in conjunction with the aesthetic of materials brings forth an air of leisurely elegance and refined quality in the gathering space.

grey sofa


The lingering allure of Song Dynasty fireworks has transcended time and space, while the true essence of life remains unchanged. It revolves around the joys of gathering with loved ones, the rhythm of daily meals and seasons, the warmth of feasts and gatherings, all culminating in a sense of fulfilled delight.


marble diningtable

In the ambiance of brass and gilt, the master bedroom exudes an opulent and lavish air, seamlessly blending elegance with grandeur.

luxury bedroom

Exquisite bedroom


The colorful watercolor paints, portraying the theme of a girl's room - a fantasy world where dreams set sail. With a blend of orange and pink tones, the space is imbued with a gentle and misty powder color, creating a utopian atmosphere that enhances the artistic imagination hidden within each exquisite scene.



children's room

children's bed

The soft and plush sensation, combined with the fresh and delightful visual appeal, synchronize with the imagination of the inhabitant, opening up an adventure at any moment in daily life.

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December 18, 2023 — Mark Ma