The fluid, meandering design creates a rhythmic and harmonious spatial system, showcasing the wisdom of an integrated dining experience.


A living room facing the vast expanse of the sea.

Luxurious living room

A cozy nook in my home

The seamless integration of curves and straight lines, the harmonious blend of softness and rigidity, and the interplay between dynamism and serenity, have orchestrated a symphony of rhythm and melody. This design not only elevates the spatial dimension and enriches visual aesthetics, but also accommodates the boundless potential for growth in life.





Space is more than just an empty box to be filled; it also needs to be constructed. The overlapped ceiling design in the bedroom breaks through the flat form, creating a strong sense of three-dimensionality and multi-layered effect.



lucury bedroom


The table within the room.


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November 27, 2023 — Mark Ma