The H.N.LIN Space Aesthetic Museum, with its international perspective on artistic design, carefully selects exceptional global home creative brands and avant-garde artists, providing tailor-made lifestyle proposals for urban elites. It integrates luxury, quality, and comfort into two distinctive living states of Rui Xi.

sofa and table



The high-end four-bedroom unit at the luxurious marina, with its expansive sea view, has been envisioned by H.N.LIN Space Aesthetic Museum as a dual social hub with artistic flair. The lifestyle it embodies is a mature and affluent family’s perspective on understanding the world and envisioning the future.

The window facing the sea.

In the heart of this leisurely "island" lounge, a gracefully curved Italian Reflex Ferrari sofa, harmonizing with the hues of the liquor cabinet, serves as the focal point, guiding the flow of movement. The extraordinary Henge metallic coffee table exudes vibrant vitality reminiscent of coral.


The restaurant has purposely added numerous glass and mirror features. The vertical mirrors reflect the vibrancy of tropical seaside, while the blown glass sculptures by Italian artist Vincenzo Di Cotis shimmer with joyful radiance. The Czech Lasvit crystal chandelier above the dining tables, designed by the father of modernist design, Yabu Pushelberg, exudes poetry with its dazzling and colorful flow.


The master bedroom suite adjacent to the study is infused with many delicate details. A clever dressing table serves as a focal point in the hallway, located between the walk-in closet and tranquil sleeping area. The graceful and fashionable king-sized bed is connected to the standalone curved sofa by a circular carpet. Blue lacquer cabinets mirror the mountains, sea, and sky outside the window, while the golden pendant light and texture painting continue the floating light and shadows on the water surface.



quite bedroom

The irregular carpet, seamlessly connecting, leads to the balcony suite and the children's room. The warm and stable color scheme of the master bedroom exudes coziness. The comfortable Cassina genuine leather bed ensures a good night's sleep. The playful and dynamic bedside pendant light, together with the delicate and exquisite patchwork carpet, balances the solemnity in the air.




Here lies solely your pair of wings, and a boundless sky without a path.
- "Gardener's Collection," Tagore

luxury livingroom


In addition, the central and western kitchen, which forms a circular path, can be seamlessly integrated with the entire space by means of electric glass mirrored sliding doors. Opening up the kitchen blends it with the rest of the space, while closing it off creates a separate culinary area, satisfying both spatial freedom and functional living.


The master suite features the exquisite double bed "Paris" designed by renowned Italian designer Paola Navone, with its sleek leather stitching that exudes both fashion and elegance, reminiscent of the charm of Paris. The natural-themed artwork in shades of blue and the intricately woven blue decorative bedding create an atmosphere of tranquility in the space.



 lounge chair

The sleek and minimalist en-suite bathroom is adorned with a black metallic frame, creating a luxurious and romantic ambiance. The inclusion of a walk-in wardrobe and a panoramic bathtub adds to the overall elegance of the space.


The exquisitely designed guest room happens to be a space that designer Tiffany Shi holds dear to her heart. Settling into the visually compelling armchair, resting her head against the enveloping high back, she indulges in an elevated view of Tai Tam Bay, a visual journey crafted by Swiss designer Alfredo Häberli.

storage rack

Interior Design: H.N.LIN Space Aesthetics Gallery

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November 21, 2023 — Mark Ma