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About us

The Fore brand originated more than 30 years ago, founded by Bill Huang, a furniture industry expert from Taiwan who keenly perceived the potential and shortcomings of China's furniture manufacturing industry. Bill Huang decisively brought a group of experienced Taiwanese craftsmen to China, injecting new vitality and innovation into the country's furniture manufacturing.

The uniqueness of the Fore brand lies in its commitment to craftsmanship inheritance, time accumulation, and top-tier raw materials. Craftsmanship inheritance stems from the rich experience of Taiwanese craftsmen, while time accumulation represents the valuable wealth continually amassed by the Fore brand, complementing the stringent requirements for quality and craftsmanship. Additionally, Fore integrates the inheritance of traditional craftsmanship with outstanding design, infusing more innovation and intelligent elements into product manufacturing and establishing a solid foundation for Fore's high-end furniture quality.

The development process of the Fore brand has evolved from furniture component processing to ordinary furniture manufacturing, and then to the journey of high-end furniture manufacturing. This transformation is not only a testament to the company's growth but also a phased achievement in the continuous pursuit of excellence and high-end craftsmanship.

Bill Huang has always believed in the potential of China's high-end furniture manufacturing, envisioning it to be comparable to the world's leading manufacturing industries. Every employee at Fore embraces the mission of "elevating China's high-end furniture manufacturing beyond Italian standards," working together to embody this philosophy in every product. This mission is both Fore's pride and the driving force to surpass Italian manufacturing standards.

In recent years, Fore has gradually gained prominence internationally, becoming a preferred choice for elites, celebrities, top luxury residences, luxurious hotels, private yachts, and more. This is the best proof of Fore opening the door to the world. This inspiring journey is not only the rise of a brand but also a shining moment of confidence for China's manufacturing industry. It injects more confidence and expectations into the future journey of high-end manufacturing, and Fore's mission is to surpass Italian manufacturing standards, paving the way for a more brilliant future for China's furniture manufacturing industry.

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Our Vision

FORE's vision is to become the world's leading and largest provider of high-end custom furniture manufacturing and design services. We establish close collaboration with design partners and raw material manufacturers to build a highly competitive team, collectively guiding China's furniture manufacturing to international excellence. To achieve this vision, we will focus on three core capabilities:

Technology Leadership

In the field of high-end custom furniture design, we aim to be a leader in technology. By cleverly combining traditional craftsmanship with modern AI technology, we continuously drive innovation in furniture design.

Manufacturing Leadership

We are committed to being a leader in the field of high-end custom furniture manufacturing. Through efficient production processes and exquisite craftsmanship, we provide customers with outstanding products and services.

Service Orientation and Excellent Reputation

We prioritize customer-centricity and focus on service orientation. Our commitment is to create maximum overall benefits for customers. By delivering high-quality services in high-end custom furniture design and manufacturing, we aim to earn trust and acclaim from customers, becoming a highly respected brand in the furniture industry.

Our Mission

FORE's mission is to establish a reputation in the global high-end custom furniture market, lead the development of China's furniture manufacturing to world-class standards, and, through close collaboration with design partners and raw material manufacturers, dedicate ourselves to becoming a long-term leader in global high-end custom furniture manufacturing and design services. We aim to provide customers with an excellent home furnishing experience.

Founder: Bill Huang

Bill Huang, the founder of Fore brand, has 35 years of experience in furniture manufacturing. As an industry expert from Taiwan, he keenly recognized the potential of China's furniture manufacturing industry and led a team of experienced Taiwanese craftsmen to China, injecting new vitality and innovation into the industry.

Bill Huang deeply understands the importance of craftsmanship and considers it the core value of the Fore brand. He has a strong dedication to the materials, craftsmanship, practicality, and product quality of Fore furniture. He firmly believes that China's high-end furniture manufacturing industry has the strength to compete with world-class industries, including Italy.

Bill Huang leads the Fore team in shouldering the mission of "surpassing Italian craftsmanship." Through craftsmanship, innovation, and accumulation, he guides the Chinese furniture industry to challenge the high-end furniture market. This mission is not only the pride of the brand but also the driving force behind Fore's relentless pursuit of surpassing Italian manufacturing standards.

Director of Craftsmanship and Technology

Leo Chen, born in 1955, hails from a family of craftsmen in Taiwan, China. Growing up in the traditional craftsmanship environment from a young age cultivated a profound interest in furniture making and leather craftsmanship. Revered as one of the first master craftsmen in Taiwan's furniture industry, Leon Chen embarked on a journey to Italy, the cradle of furniture craftsmanship, driven by a pursuit of deeper skills and innovation. By the 1990s, his craftsmanship had reached the pinnacle in the Asia-Pacific region. During his studies and practices in Italy, he absorbed rich experiences in furniture design and production, injecting deeper meaning into his own craft.

In 1996, guided by a sense of mission and ideals, Leon Chen, along with Bill Huang, ventured to Guangdong, China, establishing the first Italian-style high-end custom furniture factory in China, named FORE. FORE's profound impact on the Chinese furniture industry lies in its introduction of the highest levels of Italian traditional craftsmanship to China.

Over more than 30 years of unwavering dedication and learning, the FORE brand has gained prominence due to Chen and Bill Huang's relentless pursuit of excellence in their products, making it a leader in China's Italian-style high-end custom furniture.

Leon Chen, as a custodian and leader in Italian-style furniture craftsmanship, with his deep family traditions and outstanding skills, has inscribed an undeniable chapter in the development of China's high-end furniture industry.

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Our Collection

Italian-style furniture | Cigar Humidor | Luxury Stone Furniture

Fore's high-end Italian-style custom furniture is a masterpiece of exquisite craftsmanship. Each customized piece is meticulously crafted by experienced artisans, emphasizing the perfect fusion of details and craftsmanship. Whether it is the selection of materials or design concepts, it showcases the ultimate pursuit of quality and artistry. User reviews for these custom furniture pieces have consistently been highly praised, serving as the best representation of Fore's impeccable craftsmanship in the brand.

Fore's luxury cigar cabinets symbolize taste and opulence. Each cigar cabinet is a masterpiece of ingenuity, crafted with high-quality wood and exquisite carving. Simultaneously, it incorporates a world-class temperature and humidity control system, seamlessly integrating unique design elements while safeguarding cigars. This series of products not only achieves high user acclaim in terms of luxury and taste but also highlights Fore's consistent pursuit of detail and craftsmanship.

FORE has collaborated with Lumi-Stone/Besttimestone to jointly develop and launch a series of luxury stone furniture featuring photoluminescent properties. Photoluminescent luxury stone furniture is a derivative product made from natural stone that emits light. Leveraging FORE's exquisite craftsmanship, each customized piece of luxury stone furniture becomes a limited edition, showcasing scarcity and embodying taste and opulence.

Our Collaborations

Fore & Collaborators

FORE has been committed to collaborating with top international material suppliers and designers (teams) to ensure the highest standards in craftsmanship and material quality for our products. Our collaborative team includes outstanding designers from the Asia-Pacific region, bringing rich experience in creating exceptional furniture designs. Additionally, we partner with leading AI design experts globally, integrating advanced artificial intelligence technology into the design process to enhance creativity and efficiency.

This international collaboration not only enriches the diversity of the FORE team but also ensures that the materials we use come from the world's most outstanding suppliers. From material selection to design innovation, each step is carefully planned to ensure our products meet international standards.

This collaborative approach not only provides international quality assurance for our products but also establishes a solid foundation for FORE's outstanding position in the global market. Through synergistic collaboration with top designers and AI experts worldwide, we are dedicated to incorporating advanced technology and exceptional design into every piece of furniture, delivering a higher level of home experience for our customers.

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Sustainable production and design

FORE is committed to sustainable production and design to achieve our vision and mission. In the realm of high-end custom furniture manufacturing and design services, we focus not only on the outstanding quality and innovative design of our products but also on reducing our environmental impact throughout the entire production process.
We collaborate with top-tier international material suppliers and designers to ensure that the materials we use meet the highest environmental standards. Additionally, we integrate advanced AI technology to maximize material utilization and minimize waste through precise design and intelligent manufacturing.
Through these sustainable production and design practices, FORE actively fulfills its social responsibility while striving to create an environmentally friendly and high-quality home experience for customers. We firmly believe that FORE not only provides top-notch products for customers but also sets a positive example for the entire industry's sustainable development.

Recyclable & Biodegradable Packaging

FORE Furniture Factory is dedicated to sustainable practices in packaging and transportation, implementing eco-friendly measures to minimize our environmental footprint. Our packaging strategy focuses on reducing waste and adhering to the highest environmental standards throughout the supply chain.
We employ EU-compliant packaging designs to ensure the highest environmental standards are met during packaging, minimizing resource usage and simplifying recycling processes. Customized packaging dimensions are utilized to provide ample protection for each product while avoiding unnecessary material waste.
Our transportation solutions prioritize efficiency and economy, optimizing routes and centralizing transportation to reduce carbon emissions. These sustainable practices underscore our commitment to environmental responsibility, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. FORE Furniture Factory will persist in continuous improvement and innovation to minimize our products' environmental impact across their entire lifecycle.