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Through meticulous assessment of functionality, workflow planning, and logical connection, the designer has equipped the underground level with a social art lounge, a professional audio-visual room, a categorized cloakroom, a storage room, and a guest bathroom. This design not only meets the needs of the male master in terms of work and socializing, but also serves as a leisure and entertainment area for other family members.

Aqua counter, crafted with a harmonious clash of metal and stone, creates a sophisticated and richly layered space, showcasing exquisite lines and finishes.
The leisure area embraces a minimalist black and white palette, with a focus on comfort and natural elements. Through an open layout and carefully curated visual frames, the space invites the eye to wander into the distance, fostering greater communication and interaction among different areas.

A change of scenery beckons, as the staircase is adorned in a monochromatic palette, imbuing it with simplicity and purity. The lines extend and meander like brushstrokes on a canvas, visually and functionally embodying the interplay of space and the shifting of perspectives.

Infuse a layer of diversified living scene, intricately plan the layout of the living room, dining area, both Eastern and Western kitchen, and a sunlit fitness room, while creating an outdoor space with greenery and a BBQ terrace. Every detail is deeply contemplated, accommodating various postures and habits of the residents. Let happiness and beauty follow a tangible path.

The bedroom fundamentally represents the realm of the mind and will, as the designer has ingeniously positioned the sleeping area on the upper level, thereby achieving a clear delineation between public and private spaces, ensuring their harmonious coexistence without interference.

Create a space dedicated to children and the elderly on the second floor, uniquely tailored to their needs. Embrace a gentle and elegant ambiance that beautifully blends with the essence of the East, imbuing a sense of tranquility within the elderly's quarters.

Design Team | Awei Design Team
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February 02, 2024 — MaMark

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