The living room is predominantly in a creamy white tone, exuding an atmosphere of elegance and tranquility, with a decor style imbued with a strong retro vibe. The most eye-catching piece is a white petal sofa, its unique design resembling a blooming flower, gracefully positioned in the center of the living room. Each "petal" of the sofa is meticulously crafted, with soft curves and a distinctive shape.
white petal sofa
The white petal sofa not only boasts exquisite aesthetics but also offers commendable comfort. Wrapped in premium fabric, the surface of the sofa feels delicate and soft, while the seat cushions and backrests are filled with high-density foam, providing excellent support and comfort.
petal sofa

Whether sitting or leaning back, one can feel the warmth and relaxation brought by the white petal sofa. The white color of the sofa complements the creamy white tones of the living room, creating a harmonious and unified visual effect, making the entire space appear more spacious and bright.
green marble coffee table

Paired with the white petal sofa is a deep green marble coffee table, the sturdy green marble texture forming a stark contrast with the sofa's gentle elegance, adding a touch of fashion and nobility.

marble coffee table
The entire living room, set against a backdrop of creamy white tones, seamlessly integrates modern and retro elements through the unique design of the white petal sofa and the accent of the deep green marble coffee table, creating a living space that is both cozy and artistic.
The dining room is designed with a modern and tech-savvy feel, centered around a foldable dining table that is simple yet practical, complemented by a set of uniquely shaped dining chairs. The design of the dining chairs exudes artistic flair, with smooth lines, each chair resembling a piece of artwork.
In this composition, lines and functions are irregularly opened at a fan-shaped angle, delineating an open, cozy, and casual space from the kitchen island to the balcony.
The bedroom continues the creamy white tone, with an overall atmosphere that is serene and elegant. The appropriate use of white space makes the room appear more spacious while also creating a more comfortable and harmonious visual effect.
master bedroom
In addition to the overall warm retro style, the only vibrant colors in the house are reserved for the children's room, providing children with a colorful and enchanting world.
The basin in the bathroom continues the theme of the children's room with Bulgari green, refracting dazzling brilliance when light enters, enriching the visual layers of the entire home.
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