In contemporary design, people seek unique living experiences. When retro elements blend with modern styles, and Eastern and Western elements intertwine, space achieves a perfect balance. With graceful design details, it unfolds endless imaginations about life.


coffee table

luxury livingroom

Between the ups and downs of life, one can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window. Black and white are the main colors of the living room, with the golden hues of the sunset adding depth and richness to the darkness, making it calm and elegant.


TV console


The open-plan layout seamlessly connects the dining area with the living room, creating a sense of depth and spaciousness. The transparent visuals make the entire space feel expansive and airy. The sideboard innovatively integrates storage and display functions, and amidst the interplay of stone, metal, and wood, it subtly adds a touch of luxury with its rich material textures and spatial scales.

dining table


The kitchen space is neat and bright, allowing for free switching between open and closed styles, practical while breaking down the barriers between the kitchen and the external environment.

master bedroom


The master bedroom design portrays an exquisite sense of living order with its clean lines.



The study exudes taste and style in every aspect, embodying the lifestyle preferences of reading, appreciation of music, and collecting, creating a diverse and immersive "spiritual zone" where art intersects.

office desk

second bedroom

The esports room combines high functionality with visually appealing effects. By integrating mechanical elements, it creates a dynamic and textured esports experience space.

esports room

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