This is the new home of a family of three. The homeowner's vision for the home is a vibrant spectrum of white is calm and restrained is clean, is free, is open.

Dining Kitchen
dining room
dining table
The appliance storage area is located under the stairs,
with a Western kitchen setup on one side of the dining table,
and a central kitchen counter by the window,
creating a surround circulation pattern centered around the dining table island,
opening up the space as much as possible after meeting functional needs.
living space
The dining room eschews traditional pendant lights, opting for practical and aesthetically pleasing landscape lights. The light is cast onto textured crystal components, creating a unique play of light and shadow. Paired with distinctive Roche Bobois dining chairs, it creates a romantic dining atmosphere.

The homeowner has a great passion for life and high expectations for this home. They envision a variety of stories that may unfold in the living room after enjoying their time here.

We have designed the living room with various scenes in mind, maximizing its use to meet different lifestyle needs.

sofa and armchair

coffee table


The projection wall is kept free of unnecessary decorations, with the design language extending from the top of the wall. Starlight fixtures are used for overall lighting.

Drum set

children bed

children bedroom

The children's room features a versatile space that combines rest, play, and hobbies into one. The sleeping and play areas make full use of the original architectural structure.

master bedroom

Corner table



The master bedroom's resting area, workspace, leisure area, dressing room, and bar area are all allocated reasonably and effectively, providing freedom of use brought by the openness of the space.


tea table

The rooftop terrace has been transformed into a tea room, with the addition of a sunroom featuring a solid wood panel ceiling and retaining a scenic skylight, harmonizing with the tea table.

Design Team | XUSHI Design

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March 27, 2024 — Z Z