Entering the garden, a welcoming ritual unfolds as one arrives home.


The entrance to the garden is not only a graceful arrival but also an intriguing extension.
In the surge of urbanization and the passage of time, ecology reigns supreme. By constructing courtyard gardens and incorporating flowing water features, the balance between aesthetics and functionality is achieved, thus reconstructing the social hub of the new generation.

courtyard garden

The leisure area exudes a natural and elegant ambiance with its wooden furnishings and plush fabrics. Plain tea cups release the fragrant aroma, transporting one to a tranquil setting amidst foliage, allowing the mind to settle alongside the tea's essence. During lazy afternoons or as dusk falls, gather here for a sisterly rendezvous under the shade of trees, embracing the poetic and vibrant hues of life.






The LDK integrated design is employed in the space, concealing the warm details in the spacious and luxurious area to harmonize with nature. The textural quality of the space reflects the story of life scenes, presenting the comfortable and carefree lifestyle of No.1.



The luxurious stones are arranged in a captivating fashion, while the golden crystal chandelier emits a dazzling radiance. It creates an ambiance that seamlessly transitions between Chinese poetic coziness and Western romantic elegance, perfect for dining.


master room

luxury bed

The warm glow of the bedside lamp complements the wardrobe, imbuing the space with a sense of earthly elegance. The presence of hardwood floors and the touch of brown leather material exudes a welcoming aura throughout the room. Walking barefoot, one can feel the warmth of the sunlight radiating onto the ground, truly embracing the leisurely pace of life.

Elderly room


"Embracing elegance" - finding solace in the warmth of an embrace.
Sleek and stylish contours draw inspiration from the exquisite charm of a cabin, crafting a luxurious presidential suite. Distinct levels in the resting area and dressing room showcase a unique sense of scale and texture.


The L-shaped wardrobe serves as a stylish showcase for residents' fashion pieces. It is a complete ensemble for confidently strutting down the runway of life.


children's room

"The Wilderness Quest" - Embark on an exploration of the enchanting depths of the natural universe, becoming a daring adventurer in life.
Exuding a champagne-gold ambiance reminiscent of whispered secrets on an autumn day, it brings the realm of nature into the realm of reality, brimming with childlike wonder.



Accessories have a remarkable ability to unveil one's interests and passions. The presence of a guitar, vinyl records, and artwork exude a boyish charm.
Unfettered by limitations,
Gilded with vibrant hues, invoking the spirit of curiosity,
Enacting a life of effortless diversity.


livingroom luxury

water bar

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December 26, 2023 — Mark Ma