luxury livingroom

The perception of culture, the orientation of modern values, and the manifestation of humanism in space reveal the owners hidden style. The soft fabric and handcrafted details, like capsules carrying memories, freeze the moments of life with design.



The style of space is hidden in the customized details of cultural resonance, and the restaurant reconstructs the neglected trivialities of life from a visual perspective, embracing the beauty of nature and presenting the texture of life from different perspectives.


luxury diningtable

Soft tones bring eternal inner peace, away from the hustle and bustle, reflecting an attitude towards life that never goes with the flow. Cultivating inner character, cultivation, and self-improvement are also part of daily life.


coffee table

Color is light, and light can express a sense of space. Designers experiment with emotions through color, lighting, brightness, and space. Life is not a rational and cold analysis, but a beauty of the id that is closer to nature and harmony.

quite bedroom


A recreational and leisure space.


There is no flashy packaging or appearance in the reception hall, simply capturing beautiful scenes. The Orgone chair designed by Marc Newson relaxes the body and mind. From a simple perspective of appreciation, slow down and enjoy daily moments. The texture and essence of home are sublimated here.

living space


A perfectly balanced display of soft furnishings unleashes consistent energy. There is no best life, only a few that are most suitable for ones daily life.

 Interior Design : HWCD 

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January 02, 2024 — Mark Ma