The entrance hall is the first space that showcases the owner's high taste. It is a great place for tea and chatting, where family members can share and interact, creating a warm and loving atmosphere.



The living room is the central area of family life, designed with the X1 theme, it not only serves as a space for family members to relax, communicate, watch TV, and play games together, but also showcases the family's culture, art collection, provides a space for parent-child reading, and temporary office work.



coffee table

In the evening, the family gathers around and enjoys a cozy meal, savoring the joy brought by delicious food. Whether it's Chinese or Western cuisine, each dish carries the flavor of home and care, allowing family members to feel the warmth of home while enjoying tea and delicacies.



The dining room is right next to the kitchen. With the morning light shining through, a cup of coffee and a healthy breakfast, it's a great way to start the day.


table and chair


The kitchen is the center of family cooking, and island design can provide more workspace and storage space, making it convenient for family members to operate and prepare ingredients during the cooking process. Through cooking delicious food, the kitchen also conveys the tenderness and flavor of the family, and every member of the family can participate in cooking and create delicious meals together. This is not only a source of cooking pleasure, but also a way for family members to show care and communicate with each other.


The master bedroom is not only cozy and comfortable but also filled with sunshine and a sense of distance. The balcony connects to a tatami bed, making the space more open. The owner can sit by the window, overlooking the distant mountains, reading, and enjoying leisure time with tea. In addition, the elderly room has a relaxed and bright color scheme, while the girl's room is themed with POPMART toys, showcasing personalized designs for different age groups.



second bedroom


girl's bedroom

In this tranquil journey of home design, the designer has created a warm and beautiful living space for the family with a modern natural design concept, making people look forward to spending every wonderful moment here.


If there's infringement, please contact for removal.


January 30, 2024 — Z Z