Living Room
The tall ceiling design of the living room, along with the walnut veneer on the back and the streamlined light strips, creates an elegant ambiance. The second-floor bedroom is cleverly integrated, with the deep tone of the natural wood contrasting harmoniously with the earthy gray walls, adding color and texture to the space.


gray fabric sofas


gray fabric sofas

Along one side of the living room, open shelves and cabinets provide an ideal space for displaying the future owner's collections and items. At the heart of the room sits a set of gray fabric sofas, featuring a distinct fabric texture. The clean lines of the gray fabric sofa make it a classic choice in minimalist design. Paired with solid-colored upholstery, and complemented by a black grand piano by the window, it forms a perfect visual combination, highlighting the elegance and comfort of the gray fabric sofa.
coffee table


The connection between nature, art, and life is closely intertwined through the courtyard, piano, and furniture, reflecting the refined taste and quality of life of the homeowners.

Kitchen - Dining Area
The black marble dining table complements the arc-shaped fabric dining chairs, which also offer the option of leather upholstery. The curved back design of the fabric dining chairs creates a unique sense of comfort. Like the gray fabric sofa, the arc-shaped fabric dining chairs also use the same fabric material, adding more elegance and comfort to the dining environment.
Dining Chairs


Arc-shaped Dining Chairs

The bedroom is designed as a cozy suite. The ground floor features a guest room, providing convenience for parents' visits. The children's room on the second floor is simple yet warm, with a rich and lovely layout and play space, creating a childhood full of imagination for the children.
children bedroom
master bedroom
The master bedroom on the second floor features a window-facing bed, with a balcony outside overlooking the courtyard. On one side of the bedroom, there is a lounge area equipped with a Barcelona chair and a fireplace, creating a tranquil atmosphere for modern and refined living.


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