The soft tones of beige and elegant gray, punctuated with low-saturation green, create a French-style elegance, blending modern and classical aesthetics.
In the living room, a touch of refreshing green comes from a carefully selected green fabric armchair. The armchair boasts a simple yet graceful design, with smooth lines, exuding the essence of French elegance, complementing the modern decor.
green fabric armchair
The comfortable and soft material of the green fabric armchair provides a cozy resting space for family and guests, balancing aesthetics with practicality, adding warmth and comfort to the living room.
green  armchair
This green fabric armchair is not just part of home decor; it is integral to family life. Sitting on it, one can feel the comfort and relaxation it brings, as if immersed in a space full of vitality and energy.
fabric armchair

the green fabric armchair
In the tranquil ambiance of the reading room, surrounded by quality furniture and decor, one can immerse themselves in the owner's life stories.

The guest bedroom predominantly features cotton and linen elements, with a single bed offering comfort and freedom, embracing an elegant, leisurely lifestyle.
guest bedroom



The master bedroom's color scheme revolves around soft beige and gray, accented with hints of low-saturation green, echoing the style of the living room, creating a unified and harmonious visual effect. Large windows flood the room with natural light, bringing tranquility and contentment.

master bedroom
master bed
In this elegantly atmospheric home, green accents serve as the soul. Whether it's the green fabric armchair or the green marble, they infuse the home with vitality and energy.
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