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This design takes inspiration from the renowned masterpiece "A Pine Forest" from the 15th century, incorporating the interplay of reality and illusion, with glimpses of a serene pine landscape emerging amidst a haze of ancient charm. The spatial concept revolves around a gentle palette of wooden hues, adhering to the principles of Eastern aesthetics, aiming to maintain a sense of openness and transparency, beautifully showcasing the tranquil and refined character of its inhabitants.

luxury livingroom

coffee table


The artist Zhang Mingming skillfully embellishes spaces with his picturesque artworks, effectively creating a touch of natural ambiance. The use of Song-style dining tables and lighting fixtures, exquisitely carved to capture the beauty of time, unfolds a dynamic canvas.



wine cabinet

The twilight casts its ethereal hues, as I pen the verses of dusk. The dancing shadows of the lanterns sprinkle poetic melodies upon every door and window. In the realm of Chinese literati, every intricacy must adorn the study.


The beauty of modern space is elegantly interpreted by Eastern culture, exuding sophistication without losing depth, imparting gracefulness without being cumbersome, and displaying gentleness without sharpness. It is a portrayal of the dynamics of strength and the tranquility of form.





 To infuse vitality into the new Chinese-style decor, consider incorporating vibrant hues into the children's room such as indigo, azure, emerald green, bright yellow, or vermillion.

children’s room


The space eliminates any superfluous embellishments, allowing the sunlight to pour in directly through the bay window, casting a gentle glow upon the plush cushions. The reflection of the teacup on the transparent coffee table is crystal clear, creating a serene ambiance that effortlessly carries one through a leisurely afternoon.

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