The living room radiates simplicity and elegance, with the homeowner's beloved minimalist grey curved sofa and an exquisite oval marble dining table taking center stage. Crafted from sumptuous matte leather, the minimalist grey curved sofa boasts a spacious design and a striking deep grey hue that seamlessly complements the overall minimalist aesthetic.


minimalist grey curved sofa

coffee table

minimalist grey  sofa
Its graceful curves not only enhance the fluidity of the space but also imbue it with sophistication and charm. The sofa's intricate decorative stitching serves as a testament to its impeccable craftsmanship and premium quality, adding a touch of refinement to the room.


coffee table
In the dining room, attention is drawn to the elegant oval marble dining table, a symbol of luxury and style. Its opulent marble texture and expansive oval shape provide an ideal setting for refined dining experiences, enhanced by plush fabric dining chairs that surround it.
oval marble dining table

oval dining table




Moving to the daughter's room, a cozy ambiance is created with warm hues and carefully selected furniture, including a charming round white fabric leisure chair that complements the space. A whimsical lollipop-shaped table lamp adds a playful touch, creating a delightful retreat for the young occupant.

lounge chair


office chair
Finally, the bathroom combines durability and aesthetics, with carefully chosen materials and well-designed lighting creating a serene atmosphere. Wall-mounted toilets and suspended cabinets enhance cleanliness and convenience, ensuring both practicality and beauty


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