In the living room, the black and white marble, reminiscent of traditional ink paintings, seamlessly blends classical charm with modern art. Beside it, the beige L-shaped sofa, with its unassuming color, integrates perfectly into the living room's palette.
beige sofa
This beige L-shaped sofa is crafted from high-quality, soft leather, providing a comfortable touch. The L-shaped design not only offers ample seating but also adapts flexibly to different arrangements, enhancing space utilization.
beige L-shaped sofa
The simple lines of the L-shaped sofa complement the overall decor of the living room, understated yet elegant. Its spacious cushions and soft backrests provide an ideal place for family and guests to relax. The intricate textures on the back of the beige L-shaped sofa add a touch of artistic flair.
L-shaped sofa
Whether it's for leisurely reading or gatherings with family and friends, the beige L-shaped sofa brings tranquility and comfort to the living room. The contrast between the beige L-shaped sofa and the black and white marble backdrop maintains a modern feel while preserving traditional charm, creating a harmonious and unified living space.

Soft light filters through the blinds, casting natural patterns on the floor and intertwining with the furniture pieces.
dining room
The dining area seamlessly connects with the living room, cleverly merging the functionality and aesthetics of both living spaces. The open kitchen offers more opportunities for family interaction.
dining area
In the master bedroom, the soft tones and lighting create a relaxing atmosphere. The headboard features geometric upholstery, with wood and cotton-linen materials adding accents, providing a sense of relaxation and healing for the homeowner.
master bedroom

bed end stool
One corner of the master bedroom is set up as a study, connected to yet distinct from the bedroom, serving as a space for life's little pleasures.

The senior's room maximizes natural light, with warm brown and gray tones and textures conveying a sense of warmth and stability.
senior's room


The children's room is filled with a cheerful and lively atmosphere, with soft and bright colors that spark the boundless imagination of children, offering a sense of freedom and fun.
children's room


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